REALTOR® Call for Action, Nov 2015

Guest Blogger:  Evan Ridley, Political Advocacy Manager
Oregon Association of REALTORS®

I wanted to share some exciting news with you:  As of today, we are just 300 members shy of the NAR national CFA (“Call-for-Action”) response rate goal of 20% heading into the NAR Conference next week in San Diego.  This would be a historic milestone and we are asking for your help to promote CFA participation at your local association.

As a result of your efforts and those of your colleagues around the state and country, the House voted this week to strip an increase in the fees charged by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from the transportation bill. While this is a significant victory, the fight is not over. The bill will now go to a House-Senate Conference, so we must keep the pressure on. Please urge your colleagues to Take Action today.

I have listed a few helpful tools to send supportive messages to promote the CFA to your members.  As a reminder, NAR CFAs are an excellent opportunity for you to meet Core Standards advocacy requirements.

I have attached a breakout of each local association’s progress as of this morning which includes average working emails, CFA participations, participation rate, and number of members needed to achieve 20% at your local level. If you would like a list of folks in your association who have not yet taken action, I am happy to provide that to you as well so you can email them directly!

Thanks for you hard work in helping us tell Congress that taking money from future homeowners is the WRONG WAY TO PAY for highways!

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