Guest Blogger:  Jo Becker, Education/Outreach Specialist, Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Who is the Fair Housing Council (FHCO)?

We are a private nonprofit organization. We promote equal access to housing by providing education, outreach, technical assistance, and access to enforcement related to federal, state, and local fair housing laws.

We are not a government agency, although we receive some of our funding from federal, state, and local jurisdictions. We are not a housing authority and do not administer Section 8 or other housing assistance programs. We are not a housing provider and do not have units available for rent or for sale; nor do we have shelter services or provide crisis housing.

What is the Fair Housing Council’s Service Area?

We serve the entire state of Oregon and Clark County, Washington.

What is the History of the FHCO?

The FHCO was founded in 1990 as the first, and only, organization dedicated solely to furthering and enforcing the Fair Housing Act’s protections across Oregon.

What Services Does the Fair Housing Council offer?

Through comprehensive community education and individual counseling, the Fair Housing Council works to eliminate housing discrimination across Oregon and SW Washington and to guarantee the rights of all people to freely chose housing in the area they desire to live and for which they are financially qualified. Services provided by the Fair Housing Council include access to fair housing enforcement, and education and outreach about federal, state, and local fair housing laws.

How can I contact the Fair Housing Council?

Anyone with a fair housing question may contact us at:

The Fair Housing Hotline
503/223-8197 Ext. 2
800/424-3247 Ext. 2 (outside Portland metro area), or

This is a toll-free call and there is no fee associated with the Hotline service, nor is there any income qualification for Hotline assistance. If a staff member is not immediately available to assist by phone, please leave a message and your call with be returned as soon as possible.

Does the Fair Housing Council offer assistance in languages other than English?

Yes, for any languages we can’t accommodate with bilingual staff, we utilize the services of a three-way translation service over the phone or other translation service that makes over 160 languages available to us. Historically, 4% of the calls to our Fair Housing Hotline have come from non-English speakers.

Does the Fair Housing Council offer assistance to those with limited vision or hearing abilities?

Yes, our Fair Housing Hotline staff can assist callers with a hearing impairment. In addition, upon request, we can provide literature and materials in Braille.

Does the Fair Housing Council offer further accommodations?

Yes. If you need assistance utilizing our services (the Hotline, our website, our literature, the classes we offer, etc.) based on a physical or mental disability, please let us know how we can be of help.

Who Governs the Fair Council?

The Fair Housing Council is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which establishes and oversees all policies. The background of the Board is broad and diverse providing guidance and perspective from attorneys, leaders in the real estate industry and varied housing providers, business professionals, and individuals from the nonprofit sector. Get to know our Board at You can also get to know our staff better at and read our mission at

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Questions about your rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws?

Visit or call 1-800-424-3247 Ext. 2.

Questions about this article? Want to schedule an in-office fair housing training program or speaker for corporate or association functions?

Contact: Jo Becker at or 503/453-4016.

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