Got a Yard? Got Clients With a Yard? Plant Sale This Weekend!!

Guest Blogger:  Valerie Boen

An Exclusive 2-day Sale of Nursery Stock, Plants, flowers and Sod at Wholesale Prices

* Why is this important to builders? All of the materials you need to landscape a yard will be in one location. The prices will be cheaper than you can find anywhere. All of our inventory is donated, so we are really selling everything at wholesale prices. Our main contributor is the wholesale outfit that supplies trees and shrubs to Lowe’s and Fred Meyer. And they will be available to you at the same prices that these large chains pay for them.

Our Inventory will include lace leaf maple trees, arborvitae and boxwoods, among many other varieties of nursery stock and flowers.

* Who has ever bought a new lawn at a plant sale? For the first time Willamette Turf Inc. a locally owned turf company out of Brooks, OR is offering an unbelievable deal on sod.

You may purchase up to 1000sqft of sod at 15 cents per square foot. You have up to one year to make arrangements with Willamette Turf for pick up or delivery of your sod. You may purchase additional sod at 28 cents per square foot, which would be their normal wholesale price. This is a screaming deal! Willamette Turf Inc will donate back the majority of the each sale to our fundraiser. Click the link below to learn more about their products.

Plant Sale is located on the corner of C Street and N Water Street in Silverton (in front of Subway)

Fundraiser is to benefit St. Paul Church Youth Group

Friday June 3rd 4pm-9pm

Saturday June 4th 9am-6pm

Come with your trailer or truck. I don’t want any plants left when we are done! Last year I had 30 arborvitae, 15 Otto Lukens (hedge), 3 large evergreen trees, and various other plants left over. I gave them all to one builder for $100 just to get my lot cleaned.
Contact: Valerie Boen 503-871-1667 if you have questions, or to order sod in the event you can’t attend the sale

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