Fair Housing Poster Contest–Coming to a School Near You!

Guest Blogger:  Jo Becker, Fair Housing Council of Oregon
Dear Friends,

We’re following up here on a letter recently mailed to your association about our annual Fair Housing Poster Contest for school children.

We were thrilled to learn that the Columbia County Assn. of Realtors(R) took the contest and ran with it last year by helping to spread the news within their community and encouraging schools and students to participate. We hope your association might follow in their footsteps!

You can learn all about it on our website:

• Read about Columbia County’s efforts at http://fhco.org/pdfs/AssnPromotesContest.pdf

• Find several helpful suggestions on how to get started and how you might get involved at http://fhco.org/pdfs/AssnPromotesContest.pdf

• Get details on the Contest itself here: http://fhco.org/contest.htm

• Zip to the Contest brochure with this year’s theme, deadline (3/17), prizes, etc. by visiting http://fhco.org/pdfs/ContestBrochure2011.pdf

Our Contest is in its 13th year and while it’s been popular we’d like to take it to a whole new level—and you can help! If you do decide to undertake some sort of Contest promotion—whether reaching out to individual teachers and principals, offering art supplies to schools that may need them due to budget cuts, collecting submissions and forwarding them to us in Portland, or featuring copies of local submissions in your own community—please let us know so we can support and tout your efforts!

We’re proud of the working relationship we have with the housing industry and the individual trade associations across our service area. As always, we’re genuinely interested in collaborating when and where appropriate and nothing could be more natural than this feel-good community Contest. Let us know if you have ideas, suggestions, or questions.


Jo Becker, (former) GRI
Education & Outreach Specialist
503/453-4016; jbecker@FHCO.org

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