April is Fair Housing Month. Get Your Training on the Books!

Guest Blogger:  Diane Hess, Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Schedule a Fair Housing Training Now for Fair Housing Month Updates!

Each April is National Fair Housing Month and, as you can imagine, it’s a busy time for us here at the Fair Housing Council (FHCO). We tend to get a spike in training requests and while we’d love to accommodate everyone within the month of April it’s just not possible.

However, we are scheduling trainings now for March and May at which we can discuss anticipated Fair Housing Month activities, or recap said activities, as the case maybe.

Our Education and Outreach Team works hard to make federal, state, and local laws accessible and understandable with plain language, real-life examples, straightforward recommendations, and a light-hearted, entertaining approach.

Following are a few testimonials, a sampling of our class topics, and typical class costs. For further details visit www.FHCO.org/events_classes.htm or www.FHCO.org/pdfs/classlist.pdf.
Ronda Wymore of the Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service had this to say about a recent class:

“Thank you for being our featured speaker in January. Even though we had a huge group, your presentation kept them engaged and involved the whole way through. You took what could have been a dry or possibly negative subject, and made it interesting, informative, and even fun. I learned a few things myself, and I thought I knew it all! I would highly recommend the training that FHCO provides as a way to proactively educate BEFORE someone decides to litigate!”

Two Oregon Affordable Housing Management Assn members offered rave reviews:

“All inclusive information: varied format, video, discussion, groups, etc. The actual stories helped stress the importance of Fair Housing.”

“Everything was very understandable. The pace of the class was perfect. I felt I learned a lot.”

A Resident Property Manager with Southeast Works adds:

“FHCO’s presentation is lively and engaging and clearly illustrates the reasoning behind the laws.”

A Sampling of Our Classes:

•“Fair Housing Basics” (tailored for landlords, Realtors®, maintenance staff, HOAs, etc.)

•The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly: Lessons Learned from Sales Cases Across the Country

•Fair Housing Jeopardy (sales or rental edition)

•“Advertising: What’s Legal, What’s Myth”

•“Fair Housing 150” (includes small group discussions and scenario analysis)

Visit www.FHCO.org/pdfs/classlist.pdf  for a complete listing and details on mixing and matching topics or creating your own custom class.

Do These Classes Qualify for Continuing Education Credits?

In Oregon, “Yes!” The FHCO is an Agency-Approved Continuing Education Provider with the Oregon Real Estate Agency. That means our classes are eligible for real estate continuing education under the approved topic of “fair housing laws or policies.” We are still in the process of garnering the equivalent approval in Washington state.


The costs of our trainings vary depending on the size of the audience, the length of the training, and any travel or lodging expenses incurred (we’re based in Portland). Following are a couple pricing examples:

•A 2-hour presentation to 30 people: $450 (travel / lodging additional)

•A 2-hour presentation to 80 people: $950 (travel / lodging additional)

•A 3-hour presentation to 30 people: $550 (travel / lodging additional)

•A 3-hour presentation to 80 people: $1050 (travel / lodging additional)

Visit www.FHCO.org/pdfs/classlist.pdf  for details.

Request a Class:

If you, your company, association, or organization is looking for continuing education classes or a professional speaker for an upcoming event, please contact:

•Diane Hess, Education Director at 800/424-3247 Ext. 108 or dhess@FHCO.org, or

•Jo Becker (former Realtor®), Education / Outreach Specialist at 800/424-3247 Ext. 150 (or 503/453-4016 directly) or jbecker@FHCO.org.

The FHCO is in its 20th year serving as a resource on fair housing laws to Oregon and SW Washington residents and the housing industry. As part of our education and outreach efforts, we have logged over 1200 hours and trained over 16,000 people just since 2003. We would be delighted to work with you to bring a current and informative presentation to your staff or members.

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